Welcome to Ralpho Township


for Ralpho Township


Beginning Monday, October 29

and ending

Tuesday, November 20 at noon


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday – All streets east & west of Market Street


Wednesday – Sunnyside & Overlook


There will be no leaf collection in any outlying areas within the Township


Residents are asked to rake leaves to the edges of their paved roadway, not in ditches and in windrows no larger than 3 feet wide or 3 feet high. Absolutely NO PILES PLEASE Leaves with sticks, rocks, grass clippings or other debris or in piles and in ditches will not be collected.


This is only a TENTATIVE SCHEDULE!  Bad weather, equipment failure or emergencies can interfere with the schedule.

Plan to have your leaves ready for collection at all times during this period.


Any leaves collected after November 20th must be bagged for pickup.  Leaves not bagged after this date will not be picked up.

Call Roadmaster at 672-2040 to have bagged leaves picked up or with any questions.

Meeting Dates:

  • Ralpho Township Supervisors: Regular meeting @ 6:30pm on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.
  • Ralpho Township Planning Commission: Regular meeting @ 6:30pm on the 1st Tuesday of the month.


Recycling Hours:

  • Tuesday 8am-3pm
  • Thursday Noon-6pm
  • Saturday 8am-11am

Recycling News: Due to a change by our vendor, only #1 & #2 plastic bottles can be accepted at our dropoff location.

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